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Share your news and special moments with the family so that they know what’s happening wherever they are. It’s simple  CLICK here.

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To Register you need to complete a simple application form and submit it. If you are a family member or a friend endorsed by a family member you will be issued with M+B+G Web site access details.

M+B+G = Money+Baker+Green

Now that M+B+G families are becoming bigger and more widely distributed we thought an Internet based platform for the family group might be a good idea.

Sharing news and magical moments, recipes, great articles you’ve found - anything of mutual interest and relevant to the families can be staged on the M+B+G platform.

This is not just about family though, its for M+B+G friends too. So if you’re a close friend of any member of an M+B+G family, register to join in.


You will have to register to join in. As it is a private Web site restricted to family and friends only, the site has a security system built in. Hence you will have to enter a User Name and a Password to log in each time you wish to join the site.

This is not as tedious as it first sounds as you can save your log in details the first time you log in and you will just sail through this procedure from then on.

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Family Life Food Fun

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